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Note - Many sites are in much need of updating and contain inaccurate information. This page was updated in April 2021 when all links were working. Those that were not were deleted.

Alas many websites have fallen by the wayside for various reasons, not least of which is the time they take to keep up to date.

Google, the most popular search engine, returns more than 1.2 million web pages containing the words Carlton Ware. Most of these are related to auction houses, eBay or Etsy.

The most significant remaining entries are listed below.

We separate non-commercial and commercial sites.

In addition, at the bottom of this page, we list websites for other pottery collectors' websites. To go directly to this list click_here.

Non-commercial sites

Carlton Ware World
This website. - last reviewed April 2021
A website on the local history of Stoke-on-Trent. The page shown when clicking the link is based on an article on Carlton Ware published 1999 in the now defunct magazine Antiques World. Inevitably there are some inaccuracies, but for the time surprisingly few. The author is quizzical about 20th century pottery selling for larger amounts than some 18th century examples.

Another page from this site gives an early history of Stoke and includes a map showing Copeland Street. To view this page click here.

Wikipedia - last reviewed April 2021
This well-known free encyclopaedia is sometimes criticized, but the entry for Carlton Ware is better than many other Internet sources, though still has inaccuracies. At the time of this review, the last modification to this Wikipedia entry was made in July 2017, though this and former contributors are unknown to us.

The Match Striker Gallery
This was an excellent site mostly dedicated to ceramic match strikers made by British potters. Alas, when the author's website host, Blueyonder, was bought by Virgin, it appears that the site was not reinstated.
Not all is lost - read on.

It appears that Wiltshaw & Robinson made considerably more than any other pottery. Tobacco jars with integral match strikers were also shown.  The site devoted two web pages to W&R, one on plain match strikers and the other on crested match strikers. In 2010, with some foresight, we saved the W&R pages, which you can view here.

Facebook Groups

Art Deco Carlton Ware - last reviewed April 2021
A Public Facebook Group created by Clive Birch in 2012 for enthusiasts of Carlton Ware made in the 1930s.

A Private Facebook Group which you have to ask to join. It was set up by Harvey Pettit, who manages this website, to cover all Carlton Ware made from 1890 to 1989. There are six moderators, who between them can answer most queries.

Commercial Sites
Carlton Ware World makes no judgement about pricing on any commercial website and leaves this to the viewer. -reviewed April 2021
Informative site primarily devoted to china made by Carlton Ware after Wiltshaw & Robinson took over the Vine Pottery of Birks Rawlins in 1928. Run by founder members of Carlton Ware World, Derek & Jane Towns, who also offer china for sale. reviewed April 2021
A promotional site by ckyk publishing with useful information on pattern and shape numbers, though entries are not error free. Some pattern names adopted on the site are not those in general use, which can be confusing. To gain full access to this site it is necessary to buy two books. reviewed April 2021
This website/blog is run by Barry and Elaine Girling, authors of Cast Aside the Shadows, Violet Elmer & the Carlton Works. The site places Carlton Ware into the general context of The Potteries and has an employee database. Since 2016 their website appears to be dormant since 2016.

The Guinness Collectors Club - reviewed April 2021
Membership, £11 per annum, is needed to view the Guinness collectors club Carlton Ware Gallery, but the page link here will take you to their open access page on Carlton Ware fakes.  The page shows images of original Carlton Ware but not the fakes of them.

The Guinness Collectors Club site also has a page titled "Fake Pottery" swoop, which reports on the prosecution of the "pottery pirate", Robert (Bob) Snow in 1997. You can only access this from the link to the page above via the internal link called forgers demise.

Antique 67 - reviewed April 2021
A Canadian website with information on Canadian antiques and collectables markets.
The link here leads to a 2005 article on Carlton Ware by Founder member of Carlton Ware World, Helen Martin.

Zeichen - reviewed April 2021
Specialists in 19th & 20th century ceramics - several pages devoted to Carlton Ware offering a range of items.

Pristine Antiques & Collectibles - reviewed April 2021
An Australian based on-seller of Beswick Birds, Carlton Ware, Clarice Cliff, Crown Devon, Hollinshead & Kirkham (H & K Tunstall), Paragon, Royal Doulton, Royal Winton, Royal Worcester and Shelley China.

Invaluable - reviewed April 2021
This is a subscription auction database service costing from $20 per month, rising to $200 per month depending on requirements.  It is possible, however, to freely view a list of auctions that include Carlton Ware, although payment is needed to receive full details of lots - click here to see a short free list of Carlton Ware presently for sale.

Art Ware Collectables - reviewed April 2021
Based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, this company offers a wide range of new and old china, porcelain and earthenware products from many makers, sourced mainly in the UK. This includes old Carlton Ware and more recent Carlton Ware made by Frank Salmon the current owner of the Carlton Ware trade mark, though his production appears to have ceased by 2015.

Other Pottery Collectors & Enthusiasts websites

Listed alphabetically by make or type of pottery.
All reviewed April 2021

Belleek International Collectors Society
United Kingdom Group established in 1989 - £23.50 yearly.

Clarice Cliff Collectors Club
Founded in 1982. £28 per year.

The Fieldings Crown Devon Collectors Club
Founded in 1999, by Peter & Brenda Aspinall, then relinquished to Alan Roberts. Although, as of April 2021, this site is still up, Alan tells us that since its picture gallery was lost after Picasa, hosted by Google, was withdrawn, the Gallery is no longer available.

Flow Blue International Collector's Club, Inc.
Formed in 1986. $50.00 per year +$10 for outside US.

Gray's Pottery Website
An impressive website started by Paul & Kathy Niblett in 2007. A site for researchers of the history and products of Gray's Pottery, as well as for anyone with a general interest in Stoke-on-Trent, its industry and its history.

The Maling Collectors' Society
A research body which aims to rediscover as much as possible about
the history and wares of Maling Pottery.

The Myott Collectors Club
Web based club formed in 2002 as an online source of information and meeting point for collectors and admirers of Myott ceramics. From £15 per year. Since 2014 membership is suspended whilst the website is revamped.

The Shelley Group
From £27.50 per year

Susie Cooper Information Site (SCIS)
Started as a project in web design in 1999 by Mark Clemas. It is the most definitive resource for collectors of Susie Cooper on the Internet.

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