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Two books on Carlton Ware were published in 2012. See our Publications page for details.

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September 2013

We have been working hard to update and expand our database of fake items, and the results are now available.

The new database is fully searchable and contains larger images than before.

In addition, we have added a number of fakes from the club’s ‘wrong-uns’ collection and continue to update and add additional images as we get them so it’s always worth checking if you are unsure about an item. @Buyer Beware’ is a always a good watch phrase.

Derek & Jane

To access our new searchable fakes database click here.

New or Fake?

It is is easy to confuse a fake with a legitimate, recently made item of Carlton Ware. To help you distinguish between the two, read our Is it New or is it Fake article by clicking here.

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