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Featured Range - APPLE BLOSSOM - page 1 of 2

APPLE BLOSSOM, part of Carlton Ware's extensive SALAD WARE range, was available in two colours, yellow and green. During and for a short time after World War Two, it was also produced undecorated apart from a plain coloured ground. It was the most popular of all Carlton Ware's ranges and hence largest.

As always, each item is beautifully modelled and decorated doing justice to its fine body. All this usually put copyists and competitors to shame.

APPLE BLOSSOM chocolate mug & cover - yellow ground   APPLE BLOSSOM chocolate mug & cover - green ground 
Today, we divide SALAD WARE into two distinct groups,
Floral Embossed, to which APPLE BLOSSOM belongs, and Fruit Embossed.

Thank you John and Sara for sending us pictures of the two lovely examples of APPLE BLOSSOM chocolate mugs with covers, shown left. 
APPLE BLOSSOM jug - yellow ground  APPLE BLOSSOM jug - green ground 

The largest items in this attractive range are the two jugs shown on the right, which stand 10 and 14 inches tall. Thank you Liz for sending us pictures.

The range comprised more than forty different items.  Owen Attwood sent us a good selection of pictures from his collection, which you can view on a separate page by clicking here.

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