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28 December 2014
God's Providence House forty years on.

Heather from Canberra in Australia writes
I wonder if you can tell me about a piece of Carlton China my old Auntie gave me before I left for Australia forty years ago? It has the Carlton stamp on the bottom and is a tiny little black and white house, which reads "Gods Providence is Mine Inheritance" and has the Chester coat of arms on the top. My granddaughter keeps asking me about it.
Carlton China model of Chester's God's Providence House and a contemporary postcard of the building.
Left & Centre - Carlton China model of Chester's God's Providence House c.1909.
Right - Postcard of Chester's God's Providence House c1910.

The building on which the model is based is in Watergate Street, Chester in the county of Cheshire, hence the crest. Bearing in mind the elaborate facade on the 1652 building, the model is remarkably faithful.

The china model was registered as a design by Wiltshaw & Robinson in 1909 so was probably first made in that year; it is likely to have been made for a particular retailer in the city. Perhaps the shop on the ground floor sold china, though in the contemporary postcards shown here it is either a confectioner or a chandler.

The most distinctive medieval feature of the city is The Rows. These are double-level walkways with a continuous line of balconies and with shops at street and first-floor levels. The Rows are unique and were certainly in existence in the 14th century.

The name of the house is reputed to come from its being the only house to have escaped the outbreak of plague in 1647–48. However this house was not built until after the plague and it is more likely that it refers to the owners of the previous building on the site being spared the disease.

Above the row level is a fascia board inscribed "GOD'S PROVIDENCE IS MINE INHERITANCE" and as painted on the model.

Hopefully, your granddaughter's curiosity has been satisfied and that one day she can visit the beautiful and historic city.   ❑

Postcard of The Cross & The Rows, Chester and a postcard of Chester's God's Providence House.
Left - Postcard of The Cross & The Rows, Chester c1900.
Right - Postcard of Chester's God's Providence House c1910.

A selection of Carlton Ware's Fruit and Floral Embossed ranges
A selection of Fruit & Floral Embossed wares.
10 September 2014
They are all talking about it!

Fruit & Floral Embossed

Not only were Carlton Ware's Fruit and Floral Embossed ranges extraordinarily popular but also they were expertly modelled and beautifully decorated.

As an appreciation of this the Friends of the Museum and Art Gallery in Stoke-on-Trent arranged a talk on these attractive ranges of Carlton Ware.

Around 100 pieces were displayed, many passed around the audience, and each person had a piece of their own to examine and identify.   ❑

18 May 2014
Special effects - Godzilla & Glacielle

I couldn't resist doing this article on hearing of the new Godzilla film released this week. The creature in the film, partly based on a lizard - a rather large one, brought to mind Carlton Ware's Glacielle lizard. Special effects are common to both.

I think you will agree that the Carlton Ware reptile has a nicer nature, but then it wasn't mutated by nuclear radiation.

Left - Carlton Ware GLACIELLE Lizard on a rock.
Right - Godzilla from 2014.

The first Godzilla, a Japanese film, was made in 1954. Below, alongside the Glacielle Lizard on a rock, is an actor in a Godzilla costume and another of the cast taking a break on the set.

Left - Carlton Ware GLACIELLE Lizard on a rock.
Right - Godzilla and another actor from the1954 film.

Fired Earth
Carlton Ware also made two Glacielle Lizard vases; one is shown below. Godzilla would have been useful firing it.

Left - Carlton Ware GLACIELLE Lizard vase.
Right - Godzilla has a hot flush.

24 February 2014
Mega Mango Missing!

Giant Mango.

Carlton Ware PEAR sugar shaker.

A TEN-TONNE giant mango has been stolen in Queensland, Australia. It was first thought that the 3 story high fruit was undergoing maintenance, but no.

Man-go Hunt
Wanted posters have been distributed throughout the area. Police are searching for a suspicious looking crane.

It reminded us of the somewhat smaller Carlton Ware Pear sugar shaker. This you would be able to lift without heavy machinery. ❑

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