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Monogrammed Ware Gallery

Informed and current thinking suggests that the items shown below were bought as blanks from Carlton Ware
and decorated elsewhere, mostly by persons unknown. All here are freehand painted.

Monograms are not to be confused with the simpler Carlton Ware's paintresses marks as shown below.

 Decorators marks

If the numbers found with the monogram or signature are dates then they range from 1935 to 1975.
The better executed decorations tend to be before 1941. Those after, as found on post
World War Two shapes, tend to be amateurishly painted.

Images are placed alphabetically by the first letter of the monogram or signature.

The Cochrane & Pettit Archive of Carlton Ware May 2011.

ALH monogrammed jug AMD monogrammed ginger jar ASFH monogrammed ginger jar
BSD monogrammed vase CCC monogrammedtray
C.Urquhart Elizabeth Mary Watt monogrammed ginger jar
EMW monogrammed vase EWM monogrammed bon-bon Florence Donaldson WELLINGTON coffee set
IW monogrammed ginger jar
Jay Forrest jug
JLT monogrammed jug Kitty Leigh Hollyhocks vase
KGS monogrammed WINDSWEPT tray
KT vase
JHG monogrammed bon-bon
MKT monogrammed posy holder
MH 1935 monogrammed posy holder M. Purdie? vase.
MS monogrammed vase
Q Mc G TM monogrammed vase

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