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It's the Year of the Rabbit so read about the Carlton Ware
Our Treasures toy tea sets. Featuring Princess Elizabeth, who became Queen Elizabeth II. ❑

Bee suprised!

Our webmaster, Harvey Pettit, writes about early SALAD WARE. ❑

Read about Carlton Ware's
ALICE range especially since Lewis Caroll's tales are all the rage again. ❑


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If Carlton Ware is new to you, here is a brief note.

Carlton Ware pottery was first made c1890 by Wiltshaw & Robinson in the town of Stoke in the County of Staffordshire in an area known as The Potteries. Its wide-ranging, high quality output is well represented on the Internet, highlighting its significance in the history of Staffordshire pottery, especially during the 20th century.

This site,, is a non-profit site dedicated to Carlton Ware.

It is run by Harvey Pettit and covers all types of ware made up to 1989. It is the most authoritative site.

Many other websites feature Carlton Ware within their content. You can find a comprehensive list of these on our Links page. ❑

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